Pannekoekhuis Strijland

More than 60 types of pancakes on the menu card and you have too many choices. Pannekoekhuis Strijland is situated in Rheden near Arnhem. On their website and sign board “ouderwets” , it is true that you get that old school feeling the moment you enter the restaurant. Been here a few times in the past few years after a good hiking nearby nothing has changed so much.

Pros: Affordable pancakes, more than 60 variety.

Cons: That time warp feeling that you feel you’re in 1990s. The table cloth matches the uniform of the waitresses. My banana pancake could have been presented better in slices than huge chunks dropped on the plate. Mediocre pancakes.

Food (6/10) Service (7/10) Ambience (5/10) Price/Quality (5/10)

Groenestraat 1, 6991 GA Rheden, info: 026-4951382

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