Toscanini Italian Restaurant in Amsterdam

Located in a beautiful neighbourhood De Jordaan in Amsterdam, this restaurant is very busy. Reservation is a must. We have been a couple of times to Toscanini in Amsterdam because we like the food and the decor. A few times we brought visitors/colleagues to dine. Unfortunately we have not been to this place since end of 2013. Namely because of one thing , the service. It was embarrassing when our guests mentioned the lack of service and the arrogance with some of the waiters. It was difficult to get their attention to ask for drinks or they just ignored you. It was unprofessional. I thought I was the only one who felt this way but after reading other comments from other diners (till 2014), people said the same thing , their bad service.

Service aside, the food was really good and the home made breads too. Main courses are on average €20.

Pros: Food and home made breads. Good range of wines.

Cons: The one restaurant in Amsterdam that I experience an arrogant service.

Food (8/10) Service (3/10) Ambience (8/10) Price/Quality (8/10)

Lindengracht 75
1015 KD Amsterdam
Tel: +31 20 623 28 13
Mon-Sat : 18:00 – 22:30

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