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You know the feeling when you don’t feel like cooking today and decide to go for a take-away? Yes I’m sure you know that feeling 🙂

You see there is a difference with Dutch-Indonesian take-away food and the Indonesian take-away food. Well one place that I can recommend here in Amsterdam Nieuw-West is Waroeng Adji. The lady behind the counter is very friendly. Their food is the real Indonesian food. And if she says the sambal dishes are spicy they are SPICY. This place is a real treat and authentic. I love their spicy beef rendang, sweet and sour chicken (kolokay), miehoon noodles, sambal telur (egg), sambal tempe goreng, sambal fish, begedel (potato), mix vegetables and the star is their homemade sambal. Yes they sell their own homemade sambal in a small jar. I think it is around €3.75 (cannot recall the exact price). There are a few types , sambal badjak etc and I love the sambal djeruk. Sambal jeruk is sweet spicy , aromatic and preserved with pieces of the Asian lime -limau jeruk. Finger licking spicy good. Fragrant , sweet and spicy at the same time. Try it!

As the shop is small , most people buy take-away. There are 2 tables if you want to sit in and dine.

(p.s- as you can see some of the spelling that I use is different because the Indonesian and Malay language is similar but the spelling of some dishes are different. For example I would type in Malay “jeruk”and the Indonesian spelling is “djeruk” , Malay “telur” Indonesian “telor”. Anyway don’t worry the pronunciation is the same 🙂 )

Address: Johan Huizingalaan 264 , 1064 JM Amsterdam

Tel: 020 6692308


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Sambal Djeruk

Sambal Djeruk


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