Happy Sushi Restaurant

Restaurant Happy Sushi is located in Rotterdam. It offers sushi and noodles or you can have both like what we do. The sushi area has a conveyor belt, where plates of sushi are placed on conveyor belt and it goes around the bar .We sit near the conveyor belt where we enjoy some sushi and I am very curious with one of their dish on their menu : Lucky Laksa! Rice noodles with prawns and quail eggs in lemongrass coconut soup. I am wondering if it tastes the same as the laksa in Singapore. What can I say, it is delicious and flavourful dish. I should have not tried to compare it with Singapore Laksa but this is truly a recommend dish (mildly spicy).

Pros: Sushi and noodle bar.

Cons: Only sushi and noodles.

Food (8/10) Service (8/10) Ambience (8/10) Price/Quality (7/10)

Kruisplein 42, 3012 CC Rotterdam
T: 010 433 4730

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