Ming Dynasty Dim Sum in The Hague

An authentic Chinese restaurant in downtown ,The Hague. This is where you come to get good comfort Chinese food. However I’ve read reviews of this place where some Europeans do not like the idea when there are more Chinese people than Europeans in the restaurant. This place is usually crowded with Chinese people and as we know it , if there are more locals (chinese), it means the food is good because these people knows best.

I visit this place with a friend of mine and she knows which food is the best to order. Being able to speak the language in the Chinese restaurant also helps as we get good service from the waitress. Ask for recommendations if you are not sure what to order.

Pros: Food is good if you know what to order. Typical Chinese restaurant ambience and  rustic look.

Cons: The place can be very busy in the weekends. Service is somewhat slow. So be patient. Do not expect European service. Make yourself known when you are there and wait to be seated. Ask for English/Dutch menu if possible. Place is noisy. Makes you feel you are in Chinatown. Make reservation in advance.

Food (8/10) Service (7/10) Ambience (7/10) Price/Quality (8/10)

Spui 170, The Hague

T: 070 3562969




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