Italian Cooking Workshop in Amsterdam

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A few years back , I have the pleasure of meeting Nicoletta Tavella an author, sommelier, food writer, TV Cook, and chef of La Cucina Del Sole. My first meeting with her was to discuss the possibility of renting her cooking studio since I was teaching Asian cooking workshops. One thing leads to another and we become friends and have meet up socially especially when it comes to food. Yes foodies! I was thrilled one day when I participated in one of her cooking classes. We made delicious food and I got to learn and prepare asparagus tart. The photos below are taken a few years back so the menus have changed now. But at least you have an idea about the great food that you will be making.

Her cooking school is located in Amsterdam. You can find her workshops online.
Nicoletta has also published her second book “Cucina di casa mia “ which is her collection of her Italian family recipes and you can buy them in bookstores and also on her website.

Nicoletta Tavella

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