Casa di Maggio an Italian Traiteur

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Casa di Maggio is a Traiteur, Catering and Lunchroom place. They specialize in Sicilian food. From Arancine di riso (riceball with meat and cheese), gelato, caponata (stewed aubergine), cannoli di ricotta (stuffed ricotta pastry) etc. You can also dine in or take-away.
Getting to Casa di Maggio is accessible by tram as it is located in Surinamestraat, Amsterdam West.

Verdict: I tried the tiramisu and cannolo (sicilian pastry filled with creamy ricotta). The cannolo was just ok as it was lacking the freshness of the ricotta. I was in Sicily before and had eaten lots of the pastries. All very sweet I must say but delicious. I was disappointed with the tiramisu. It was lacking in the richness, the liquor was minimal and there was no attempt to bring out the flavour. It was bland. Unfortunately, I could not buy the arancini (fried stuff rice balls) because you have to pre-order.

Surinamestraat 40
1058 GK Amsterdam
Tel.: +31 (0)20 7894361

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