Librije’s Zusje

I used to say all good things end in Zwolle. That was because I was in Zwolle and passed my theory driving test. Yes you read it correct , I took the next possible date for my test and that was in Zwolle a far ride from Amsterdam. I had no clue a surprise lunch was waiting for me at Librije’s Zusje. I could not have imagined what would have happened if I failed my test. My husband would have to cancel the reservation 🙂 He took me to this elegant chique restaurant. I knew about this place so you should have seen my big grin on my face. Two michelin star restaurant owned by Jonnie and Therese Boer. Their first restaurant is De Librije. And all good things won’t end in Zwolle now as Librije’s Zusje is now in Amsterdam.

Pros: Chique restaurant, good for business lunch, pretty looking 3 course lunch with lots of amuse in between. Small portions but they were enough to fill me up for lunch. Delicious.

Cons: I personally do not feel this is a romantic place for a romantic lunch, ambience is a bit uptight. In Zwolle, there were round  tables for 4 people and we were given a round table. It was a bit awkward and not cosy. Somehow when I think of round tables, it reminds me of Chinese restaurants.

Food (9/10) Service (9/10) Ambience (9/10) Price/Quality (9/10)

Librije’s Zusje Zwolle (until 30 dec 2014)

Address: Spinhuisplein 1

8011 Zwolle, Netherlands

T: 038 853 0001

LIbrije’s Zusje Amsterdam

Waldorf Astoria Hilton Hotel

Herengracht 542-556

1017 CG Amsterdam

T: +31 207184643



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