Malaysian Rojak Fruit Salad

One of the most popular street food in Malaysia is Rojak. Rojak literally means everything mixed. In this case we are referring to the classic Malaysian Rojak Fruit Salad – spicy, peanuts, shrimp paste, fruit salad all mix into a harmony blend of tasty sweet, spicy and tangy flavours.

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Servings: 2 people

Prep Time: 20 mins


• Rojak sauce

•1 tbsp hay koh (fluid shrimp paste) petis, shrimp paste

•5 tbsp tamarind juice

•1.5 tbsp palm sugar

•1 Torch ginger bud grated, optional

•1 tbsp sambal olek or chilli paste  add more if you prefer spicy

•2 tbsp dark soya sauce

•2.5 tbsp Calamansi lime extract juice (limau jeruk)

• Fruits and vegetables

•1 Green apple

•Few pieces Puff tofu (tau pok)

•Handful bean sprouts (taugeh) blanched

•Slices Cucumber peel and slice

•Slices Pineapples

•Slices Jicama optional

•Slices Unripe Mango optional

•1 Yu Char Kway chinese dough fritters , optional

• Garnishing

•5 tbsp roasted ground peanuts without skin, grounded


1. First prepare and cut all the fruits and vegetables and set aside.

2. In a pestle and motar make the rojak sauce by adding all the sauce ingredients until you get a smooth but not too runny consistency. Add the juice of the calamansi lime. Taste. The sauce should be spicy, sweet and tangy.

3. Ground the roasted peanuts separately.

4. In a serving plate, put together all the fruits and vegetables.

5. Top it with the rojak sauce.

6. Sprinkle with grounded peanuts. Serve.

Recipe Notes

There are a few versions of rojak. If you add Yu Char Kway (chinese dough fritters) this will be the chinese version. If you add blanched kangkung (asian water spinach) this interprets as the malay version rojak . Taste. The sauce should be spicy, sweet and tangy.

Photo : hay koh (shrimp paste)

Petis,Shrimp Paste,Hay Koh

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