Fish Filleting Workshop

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This is truly one of my most memorable workshop I have ever done – Fish filleting! Learning the techniques to fillet different sort of fish such as sole (schar in dutch), cod (kabeljauw), gurnard (poon), peeling speciality shrimps known as tiny north sea shrimps “brown shrimps”(noordzeegarnlen) very delicious as we pop them one after another into our mouth while we peel them 🙂 And yes there is a quick technique to do it and it takes us a long time to “master” at least not all of us 🙂

The set up is in the fish market called Vismarkt Wieringen near the port. It is about one hour away from Amsterdam.  We are told to wear warm clothing and good shoes or boots (slippery). We enter this huge “container” where the market is selling all the seafood, wines, flowers etc and our filleting station is situated right at the back , open space and everyone can see us. The workshop starts at 9am with a short coffee break in between and then we have to get back right to work where we learn how to fillet flatfish, round fish etc. It is blood, sweat and tears! It is about 2 hours of hard work which feels like forever. For me the red gurnard (rode poon) is the toughest to fillet as I have to peel the skin backwards. Nice audience though cheering and laughing behind us (those people who are buying the fishes are looking at us and taking photos!). But we had a very enjoyable time and it is fun to do and so much to learn. I think we fillet more than 5 different types of fishes and peel shrimps. All that for €52.50 per person for the workshop and we get to bring home ALL the fishes and shrimps that we peel. I mean it is really a lot 4 huge plastic bags of fish which can lasts us weeks of eating seafood! I remember having 20 soles, 30 gurnard….in my plastic bag and I lost count. And you know what? We had fish for dinner the next day and seafood bbq after that. I really recommend people to go for this workshop. This workshop is an open registration workshop where you will join others and work in a group.

ZeeVerse Vismarkt
WieringenHavenkade 1
1779 GT Den Oever

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