Tasty Lady – Beers by ladies for ladies

Special beers brew by 5 Dutch ladies for ladies. These 2 Dutch beers Tasty Lady 6.2% alcohol and a unique limited beer called #4 Biscuit 6% alcohol. Tasty Lady is an IPA has a strong bitter after taste, fresh, crispy, fruity and aromatic. The #4 Biscuit is slightly lighter, bitter but not so strong bitter like the Tasty Lady, crispy with a slight spiced biscuit after taste.

I find both are easy to drink. The only thing is that I prefer an IPA with a not so strong bitter after taste. That’s just me, I prefer light not too bitter beers, crispy, fresh, fruity and aromatic. It’s still not sexy enough for this lady 🙂 If I had not known that these beers are marketed for women, I think they are fantastic for men too. Excellent beers for both men and women.




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