Vegetarian Toko Sie-San

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Vegetarian Toko Sie-San in The Hague is a heaven for vegetarians who are looking for variety of choices in the form of soya. Soya meat version such as chicken, fish and mutton can be a creative way to make curries taste good and not just with the normal vegetables.
In fact they even have “stewed mutton” so that you can simmer the “meat” in the dish longer without the “meat” breaking apart. Sometimes Toko Sie-San has a take-away food which they cooked using their vegetarian products. You can sample them and have an idea which type of soya meat you should use and cook in Asian food.
Vegetarische Toko Sie San
Wagenstraat 82
2512 AX Den Haag

Photo: In this photo I cooked vegetarian cod fish with lady’s finger curry.




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